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Hi There!

Welcome To Penkslyrics.

My name is Roger Penkethman and one of my interests in life, is writing lyrics.

I have created this site to try and help you guys and gals, out there put lyrics to your songs. Some of the lyrics are listed with the genre that the music would need to be. Page one is Blues and Country, page two is Rock and Pop/Dance, page three are songs that I think would suit multiple genres, so the style is left open to the singers choice. Of course the genre listed is only my thoughts and if you feel they would suit something else, feel free to compose your own idea.

Please have a browse of my collection, everything you see on here is available. If you're interested in any of the lyrics, please get in touch with me by emailing me.



A new song was released early in May, it the latest single and collaboration with singer/songwriter Bob Evans, titled Skin And Bones. It is available on most download and streaming platforms and also on youtube.


A new song was released in October, it was the latest recording by The Spooky Guests, it is a halloween song, titled It's Halloween. It is available for download through Bandcamp and most other download platforms. A video is also available on youtube


Had two songs released, these are titled If You Can't Stand The Heat and Up To The Ten. These are due to a recent collaboration with Thore Tornado of Austrian band The Spooky Guests. They are both available on a six track ep, with the latter being the title track and also released as a single on 31st May 2021. The ep is available for download on Bandcamp and most other download platforms. A video for Up To The Ten is available on youtube.


I have collaborated on my second Christmas song with Hollie Olson, it is titled Candy Canes And Snowflakes. It has been released under her band name of Juniper Rose and is available for download on most platforms and there is a video on youtube.


Rowland Middleton, one of my musical partners has recently released two songs which feature my lyrics. They are titled Those Old Familiar Blues and Don't Drift On By, the latter being released as a single and available for download on most platforms. They are both featured on his album Come On In released under his artist name Miggi, which is also available for download. We have also collaborated on a song about the Covid pandemic, titled Lockdown (It's Time To Go). It about being on a car journey and suddenly finding yourself in a seemingly imaginary place, void of life and wondering how you got there. This is also released as a single and available for download.



I collaborated with Hollie Olson a singer from Vancouver, Washington on a Christmas song, titled Yuletide Cheer. This was my first attempt a writing a Christmas song. A video is available on youtube and Hollie still performs it live, during the festive season.


I collaborated with singer Johnny Gray to record a tribute to the blues legend BB King, titled Lucille Won't Sing No More. This can be heard on my soundcloud page (see link above) and a video of it's debut performance by his band on 23rd April 2017 is on youtube, see here.


Canadian singer Pascal Gagnon released one of my songs titled "Never Say Never" on his album "Born To Be" in 2010 this is still available to buy on Amazon, itunes and some other download sites.

Further details on some of these can be found here



As you will see all of these songs are copyrighted because I have put a lot of hard work into them so please get in touch if you like my work. Penks Lyrics ©2014