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Hi There!

Welcome To Penkslyrics.

My name is Roger Penkethman and as you can see, one of my interests in life is writing lyrics.

I have created this site to try and help you guys and gals, out there put lyrics to your songs.

Please feel free to browse my collection and if you are interested in any of the songs, please get in touch with me by emailing me.


I have recently provided the lyrics for a song, titled Salt Of The Earth. It is a way of saying thank you to the worlds armed forces, past, present and future for what they have done and continue to do for us. Though anything we say, will always feel insignificant.
It is sung by Missouri singer Dave Fowler and is available to download from itunes, amazon, spotify and most other download sites.


I have recently collaborated with The Johnny Gray Band to record a tribute to the blues legend BB King, titled Lucille Won't Sing No More. This can be heard on my soundcloud page (see link above) and a video of it's debut performance on 23rd April 2017 is now on youtube, see here.


I have worked on some material with Cambridge musician and theatre actress Tarryn Richardson. She has composed a ukulele based tune to some of my lyrics titled If You're Looking For A Love Song.  Which she has now released as her debut single, it is available on itunes and most other download sites.
She has also composed music for another titled When It Rains and in the process of working on one titled Harvest Of Colour, hopefully all the songs will soon be included on an album release.
Although we both hope to have success with this project, her sole passion is and will remain with her theatre work. Some info about her and the shows she's appeared in is on her website. To visit her website, see links page.




Canadian singer Pascal Gagnon released one of my songs titled "Never Say Never" on his album "Born To Be" in 2010 this is still available to buy on itunes and some other download sites.

Rowland Middleton one of my musical partners has released two of our songs on his album "Am I Touching You" these are titled Everything Upside Down and Here To Stay. It is available on cd baby, please have a listen and then maybe buy a copy. He's also performed these two songs at some of his gigs. 

Further details of these and others click can be found here



As you will see all of these songs are copyrighted because I have put a lot of hard work into them so please get in touch if you like my work. Penks Lyrics ©2014