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My Songs

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Roger Penkethman
John Carini
Life To Song    
Roger Penkethman,
Pat Waldorf, Bob Campbell
Come Rock With Me    
Roger Penkethman
Andrew Francis
Never Say Never    
Roger Penkethman
Neil Connor
Beauty In Disguise    
Roger Penkethman, Dave Denize, Alex Zulaika, James Fraser The Blues Express    
Roger Penkethman
Kjell Karlsson, Jeff Cozine             
Musical Healer    
Roger Penkethman
James Fraser, Nigel Robinson

Help Shape Rock 'n' Roll

Roger Penkethman
James Fraser, Dave Fowler
Salt Of The Earth    
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As you will see all of these songs are copyrighted because I have put a lot of hard work into them so please get in touch if you like my work. Penks Lyrics ©2014